Helping Communities Get Back to Work

While businesses and other employers are rebuilding their inventory and re-opening their doors, their employees are still trying to physically get to their places of employment. Roads, bridges, tunnels, cars, and trucks all took a direct hit from Hurricane Harvey, making transportation a big problem.  Parents and caregivers are struggling to find daycare centers to care for their children while they are at work. And people who were looking for jobs before the storm are now facing the difficult task of finding work while many businesses are still not up and running.

The Rebuild Texas Fund is helping to restore employment opportunities and assist families in finding transportation back to work. We are collaborating with our community partners to re-open day care centers so that families know their children are safe while not in their care. We are helping to replace flooded vehicles for families that have no way to get around. And we are helping people find temporary and permanent employment to help grow the economies devastated by the storm.