5 Tips from Texas Locals on Hurricane Preparedness

by Neeraj Aggarwal, Rebuild Texas Fund Program Director

This time last year, it was inconceivable to think that we were on the brink of experiencing the worst natural disaster in United States’ history. Hurricane Harvey, which made landfall in Rockport on August 25, dealt a devastating blow to this great state, directly impacting over 1 million lives and resulting in over $125 billion in damages.

As hurricane season approaches this year, it is frightening and indeed inconceivable to think that another disaster at the scale of Harvey would hit the Texas coast. While we cannot prevent or entirely protect against such an event, we can use our collective learnings over the last nine months to better prepare should an event of any magnitude strike again.

The work of the Rebuild Texas Fund focuses on listening and learning from the people who were impacted by Hurricane Harvey. We spend our time on the ground facilitating conversations and sharing lessons learned across the impacted communities in Texas. We believe in the power of collective wisdom informed by first-hand experience.

In that vein, we called upon our media partners in three of the areas we serve – Corpus Christi Caller-Times, Victoria Advocate and Beaumont Enterprise – to curate perspectives from residents, first responders, and key officials about how they are preparing for hurricane season. These experts offer practical advice based on what they learned from living through Hurricane Harvey and what individuals, families and communities could do in the event of another disaster. We’ve collected a few of the tips in the infographic below.

While we hope that Texas never has to experience another natural disaster, we hope that these perspectives help you, your family and your community better prepare and respond to any such event in the future.

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